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Winnie's pups 7 weeks old - 19/10/2023

Winnie & Milo's pups at 7 weeks old

At seven weeks, puppies are at a high growth stage and are using everything you feed them to grow.

The puppy's bladder at this age is pea-sized. When active and awake, pups may drink a lot and urinate as often as every 20 minutes to an hour. They will pee after sleeping and during play. ... Basically most of the time, they are awake. At night, they may be capable of holding it for three to four hours

By seven weeks, puppies have developed all their milk teeth. Don't underestimate their innocent name: baby teeth are very sharp, and puppies will use them to nip anything that moves. That includes shoes, pants, arms, hands, and fingers

At about 7 weeks old puppies may begin to exhibit signs of fearfulness such as jumping or becoming startled of unfamiliar sounds and sights.

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