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Cockapoos require regular grooming and have high maintenance grooming needs.  Grooming is important to both the health and well being of your dog. A matted dog can suffer terribly


While F1b Cockapoos are often referred to a low/non shedding, like all breeds they change their coat twice a year. Unlike shedding breeds their hair does not fall out and stick to the carpet and clothes but rather stays in the coat causing mats.  Regular grooming is therefore vital for keeping these mats at bay


Puppy Grooming


The puppy coat of a Cockapoo is relatively easy to look after regardless of the coat type. It is this soft, tangle free coat that leads new owners into a false sense of security if not properly educated about the Cockapoos specific grooming requirements by the breeder


For the first six months we recommend regular brushing sessions of 10 or so minutes three to four times a week using a regular slicker brush. Although your puppy may not need this amount of grooming, by familiarising them with brushing and handling, intermingled with praise and treats, you are preparing them for the time they will spend on the grooming table once their adult coat comes in




If you use a soap/detergent free shampoo you can bath your puppy or adult Cockapoo as often as you like without drying out the skin. Bathing regularly at an early age will help later. A calm approach should make the experience a positive one for puppies that are not keen


Adult Coat


Cockapoos can look super cute with a full shaggy coat but that look comes at a price. That price is extra grooming. For those who wish to keep the coat long they will discover that twice a year when their dogs coat changes there will be an increase in mats. When you stroke the dog you will feel the mats and not easily be able to feel the skin through the mass of hair. That being said, mats can form at anytime, caused by twigs, leaves and so on getting caught up in the coat which is why regular grooming is a necessity


Many people simply surface brush their Cockapoo, usually with a pin brush or a slicker, while these brushes are suitable for most shedding breeds they are not suitable for Cockapoos as you need to systematically groom through the entire coat from root to tip.  A Les Poochs or Activet brush as now known, are a breakthrough in brush technology with their ergononomically designed stainless steel pins these flexible headed brushes glide through the toughest of mats without causing damage to your dogs coat. Starting at the paws and working upwards over the course of a few sittings. Ultimately you should be able to run a fine toothed comb through your Cockapoos coat without it getting stuck! If you can’t you are not brushing correctly


For a more manageable, less time consuming groom the coat can be clipped and trimmed into a ‘Teddy Bear Trim’, this cut retains the chunky teddy bear look and is a neat and practical way to keep your dog in good shape and mat free! Taking your dog to a Professional Groomer every 6-8 weeks for a full wash and clip, with you doing routine grooming in between will keep your Cockapoo looking smart and feeling comfortable


When your Cockapoo visits the groomers they will bath and blast them with a high velocity dryer which helps to dry and separate the hairs, blasting any loose hair out of the coat. They will then brush them from head to paw ensuring they can be combed through. This requires a lot of work and if you have not been brushing your Cockapoo as described above the groomer will be forced to shave the whole coat off as it is very painful for the dog to endure hours of de-matting.  If your Cockapoo requires a scalping you must ensure you are grooming regularly to prevent this happening again if you prefer the longer look. There is no use blaming a groomer for going too short as there is not much else they can do but shave off and start again


The Cockapoos hair grows continually, the hair on their face will grow inwards into their eyes so this needs trimming back regularly to avoid eye infections


Attention will also have to be paid to inside the ear as some Cockapoos grow excess hair inside the ear that will trap ear wax.  A sanitary clip of excess hair off the tummy of a full coated dog from its groin to between its front legs will both keep the dog clean and cool. Excess hair should also be trimmed between the pads of their feet, if not removed dirt can compact rock solid and cause a lot of pain. All dogs’ nails will need trimming every 2-3 months with nail clippers. If you do this yourself be conservative with the amount you cut off, just the very end hooks is sufficient. Alternatively any favourable dog groomer will do all of the above as part of their service

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