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Join The Waiting List - Online Form Now Available!


Anyone wishing to be considered for a puppy will need to complete a Puppy Application Form. Once this has been received, your email address will be added to our waiting list and you will be provided with updates and the progress of the 'Mums to be'. During these updates, you will be asked to keep me informed if you have managed to obtain a puppy elsewhere and I will remove you from the waiting list.


A £200 non-refundable deposit is to confirm your commitment to waiting for a puppy from me specifically. The payment of a deposit shows a firm and lasting commitment and forms a partnership between yourselves and me, and it will be deducted from the puppy's final price at collection.

Deposits will only be accepted once a puppy application form has been completed and approved. The list will be restricted to the number of puppies expected, usually 4-5. I only take payment once the mum has been confirmed in pup. Once approved prospective owners will be given a choice of puppy once born, using their preferred sex and colour.

If the litter does not produce the colour/sex that the prospective owner is seeking, then the owners will have the following options:- 1. Choose an alternative puppy from the litter (If available) 2. Apply their deposit to a future litter (if one is planned) 3. Receive a refund The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE with the following exceptions:- 1. The puppy is withdrawn by myself for any reason 2. If I feel that a puppy will not be well placed with you If for any reason the BUYER changes his/her mind or secures a puppy from a different breeder they will FORFEIT their deposit

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